UNL Staff Conference

May 22-23, 2023

Staff Conference

Chancellor talks to room full of staff members

IMPACT: Cultivating Change through Action to Create Lasting Impact

This two-day event, held on East Campus is designed to foster engagement among participants, encouraging all to become more involved and aware of the power of a unified staff identity and voice. It has the power to inspire university staff to better understand and appreciate their own potential and impact, feel motivated to grow, aspire to excellence, embrace change, advance diversity and inclusion, and seek to innovate. Breakout sessions will feature staff presentations in a variety of formats around the subthemes of:

  • Include: proposals to this theme will highlight positive diversity, inclusion, and accessibility efforts on campus and how they might be implemented across campus.
  • Mentor: proposals to this theme will illustrate successful mentoring relationships, whether formal programs or informal interactions.
  • Partner: proposals to this theme will describe collaborations that solve problems, innovate, and increase efficiency.
  • Amplify: proposals to this theme will share how staff are celebrated and their voices lifted on campus, and how these practices may be adopted in other units.
  • Creativity: proposals to this theme will focus on ideas about how the workplace can be transformed by creativity and influenced by atmospheric shifts.
  • Technology: proposals to this theme will allow presenters to demonstrate how they use technology to simplify and standardize tasks, increase accessibility, and promote a productive hybrid work environment.

Conference Schedule and Program

The web-based conference schedule is posted. A printable PDF version is also available.

Thanks to our Volunteers!

Thank you to this year's conference volunteers: Joe Atil, Pamela Baxa, Mike Bergland-Riese, Brook Berney, Eric Buck, Kate Engel, Anjesa Erickson, Sarah Frankel-Russell, Zac Franzen, Christine Henningsen, Collette McCurdy, Allyn Pella, Gamze Randolph, Julia Remsik Larsen, Sara Roberts, Roxanne Stowers, John Tessalee, and Lisa Vonfeldt.

N2025 chart

N2025 Strategic Plan

The Staff Conference aligns with the aim: "Prioritize participation and professional development for all Nebraska students, staff, and faculty."

We believe in the power of every person. The most important asset at the University of Nebraska is its people — students, staff, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty. It is critical to provide access to individualized professional development and effective mentorship for all members of the university community

Professional development opportunities integrating inclusive excellence and fostering a culture of participative decision-making enhances the richness of the university experience. A comprehensive approach to professional development will result in a vibrant and supportive climate characterized by excellence in all mission areas of our institution

Meaningful and impactful professional development for all reinforces that every person and every interaction matters.

2023 Organizers

Lindsay Augustyn, Center for Science, Mathematics & Computer Education
Program, Logistics

Michael Bergland-Riese, Center for Science, Mathematics & Computer Education
Program, Logistics

Kate Engel, Nebraska Innovation Campus

Letty Garcia, OASIS
Program, Logistics

Sarah Hansen, Greater Nebraska Business Center
Budget & Finance

Jerri Harner, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Publicity, Logistics

Sharisa Heier, Food Science & Technology

Andrea Koeber, Sponsored Programs
Conference Chair, Publicity, Assessment

Amy Lanham, Campus Recreation

Mirhuanda Meeks, English

Kacey Nelkin Pedersen, Nebraska Center for Integrated Biomolecular Communication

Abbey Ragain, Center for Advocacy, Response & Education
Program, Logistics

Gamze Randolph, Sponsored Programs

Beverly Russell, Center for Transformative Teaching

Madison Woltemath, College of Education & Human Sciences


Conference organizers wish to acknowledge and express appreciation for donations and program support from:

Chancellor's Office

Mike Zeleny, Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Business

College of Education and Human Sciences

College of Journalism & Mass Communications

Hixson-Lied College of Fine & Performing Arts

University Libraries

University of Nebraska Office Professionals Association (UNOPA)


Campus Recreation

Lied Center for Performing Arts

UNL Dairy Store

University of Nebraska State Museum

International Quilt Museum

University of Nebraska Federal Credit Union

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