UNL Connects: Learning and Networking at Nebraska


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UNL Connects: Learning and Networking at Nebraska 

May 24-25, 2022 | Howard L. Hawks Hall (College of Business) | UNL City Campus

Registration for the in-person workshops is full. If you would like to register for the virtual sessions, please send an email to staff.conference@unl.edu.

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This multi-day event will feature a keynote address, updates on the University Staff Senate, facilitated networking and reflection, and a wide variety of breakout sessions around the theme of UNL Connects: Powering Development & Innovation.

Experiencing this conference will help you to develop individually and with your co-workers to help you feel your success is possible and obtainable. It will give you a chance to be inspired, explore and share, whether you are in a managerial, professional, office or service role.

Breakout sessions will feature staff presentations in a variety of formats around the subthemes of

  • Developing as a Person: Participants will gain a better understanding of themselves and explore how to bring one’s best self to work

  • Developing as a Professional: Participants will acquire knowledge and skills to develop in their role on the job

  • Developing in Community: Participants will develop their interactions and collaborations with supervisors, employees, teammates and colleagues

  • Networking: Participants will discover how to connect people and ideas that help partners and teams grow and build together

  • Collaborating: Participants will assert the value of their work by sharing best practices and innovations

  • Exploring Technology: Participants will explore tools, techniques, and methods to collaborate and achieve greater success

Keynote: Stuart Chittenden

Stuart Chittenden

Stuart Chittenden (he/him/his) is a British expat calling Omaha home since 2004. Formerly, a London-based lawyer and an Omaha brand consultant, Stuart is the founder of Squishtalks, which designs and delivers conversation programs for corporate and non-profit organizations, for public and community purposes.

He is also co-founder of Gilbert + Chittenden, which helps organizations realize their best futures and apply design thinking processes to achieve innovative breakthroughs. Stuart’s community projects include a couple of 830 mile long conversations and he is the host of the radio show and podcast Lives. Stuart serves now on the board of Nebraska Appleseed and previously was a Big Brother and served on the Board of Trustees of Omaha Public Library. An occasional writer, his poetry has been published in several literary journals.


Thank You to Our Volunteers

Special thank you to the room moderators and Zoom facilitators for their service to the conference!

Cece Abbey, Brook Berney, Selma De Anda, Anthony Delaney, Deb Eisloeffel, Bailey Feit, Kaitlin Ferris, Christina Franklin, Zac Franzen, Letty Garcia, Bridgett Grant, Alex Harrison, Sharisa Heier, Emy Kata, Andrea Koeber, Amy Lanham, Ben Lennander, Tricia Liedle, Ranelle Maltas, Doug Pellatz, Mollie Rappl, Katelyn Rife, Kerra Russell, John Tessalee, CJ Venable, Madison Woltemath, Jana Wood, and Beth Zager.

Support Your Staff's Attendance

By enabling and supporting attendance at the All-Staff Conference, you allow your staff to benefit from a diverse range of professional development activities and the value doesn't stop at the end of the event. There's an incredible amount of sharing, learning, and leveraging that can happen long after the conference is over as they bring back knowledge and share it with you and with each other.

N2025 Strategic Plan

"Where every person and every interaction matters"

The All-Staff Conference aligns with the aim: "Prioritize participation and professional development for all Nebraska students, staff, and faculty."

We believe in the power of every person. The most important asset at the University of Nebraska is its people — students, staff, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty. It is critical to provide access to individualized professional development and effective mentorship for all members of the university community.

Professional development opportunities integrating inclusive excellence and fostering a culture of participative decision-making enhances the richness of the university experience. A comprehensive approach to professional development will result in a vibrant and supportive climate characterized by excellence in all mission areas of our institution.

Meaningful and impactful professional development for all reinforces that every person and every interaction matters.

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Conference Co-Chairs: Deborah Eisloeffel, College of Business and Andrea Koeber, Sponsored Programs

Budget & Finance: Sarah Hansen, Sponsored Programs

Logistics and Local Arrangements: Andrea Koeber, Sponsored Programs

Program Committee: Christina Franklin, Agricultural Leadership, Education, & Communication, Lorraine Moon, Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research, Mirhuanda Meeks, Department of English, Bethanie Zager, Institutional Effectiveness and Analytics, and Mary Couture, Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families, and Schools

Publicity: Kate Engel, Nebraska Innovation Campus

Registration: Christina Franklin, Agricultural Leadership, Education, & Communication

Special Events: Anthony Delaney, Nutrition & Health Sciences, and Sharisa Heier, Food Science and Technology

Staff Senate Liason: Amy Lanham, Campus Recreation

SWAG: Jana Wood, Housing Facilities

Volunteer Coordinator: Letty Garcia, Office of Academic Success and Intercultural Services and Madison Woltemath, College of Education & Human Sciences

Website: Ryan Patrick, School of Computing


Conference organizers wish to acknowledge and express appreciation for donations and program support from the Chancellor and his Cabinet, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, College of Education and Human Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Law, Hixson-Lied College of Fine & Performing Arts, University Libraries, University Association for Administrative Development (UAAD), and University of Nebraska Office Professionals Association (UNOPA).