May 13 Talk Session Choices

1:00 - 1:45 p.m.

The Changing Culture of the Workplace Rik Barrera, associate dean of operations, inclusion and chief of staff, College of Business

For the first time in our history, we have 5 generations in the workforce. This dynamic, along with other workplace changes, is having a great impact on the nature of today's workplace. This session will explore this generational dynamic as well as addressing the future of the workplace. What do employees want and how can we meet this. 

Enhancing a Culture of Well-being Constance Boehm, director of student resilience, Big Red Resilience & Well-being

Happy and engaged faculty and staff members have an extensive impact on student learning, motivation, and happiness. Come prepared to learn about the nine dimensions of well-being and how little changes in one dimension can pull other dimensions along in a positive way. This presentation will present approaches that support your well-being focused on positivity, resilience, and gratitude.

Growing Together Through Uncommon Sense Vicki Highstreet, special projects manager, Student Affairs

The people who make a remarkable difference in the world are typically those who examine conventional wisdom with a critical eye, using “uncommon sense” (Nido R. Qubein). Most people don’t question conventional wisdom; it’s just “the way things are.” Others see it as a handy starting place for examining their own values. Somewhere along the way, someone questioned conventional wisdom, examined it from all sides, developed new principles, and propelled human progress. Are you ready to dig deeper?